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an eriks company

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an eriks company


Global management of industrial projects

Noton B.V. is an independent project valve supplier, specialized in the management of (international) projects in the field of piping equipment, such as valves, safety devices, level indicators and instrumentation. With 35 years of successful experience, we are truly project management specialists.
Our main markets are the Oil & Gas Onshore & Offshore projects, Chemical- and Petrochemical, Power Industry and Contractor / Engineering Companies. For these clients our service is based on dedication, product and application know- how and market priced quality products.

Amazing lead-time for trunnion mounted ball valves.

Noton, representing well known trunnion mounted ball valve manufacturers such as Valbart Srl, is now in a position to supply a full range of trunnion valves with a delivery of just 10 working weeks.

This quick delivery range of trunnion mounted side entry ball valves starts at 2 inch all the way up to 36 inch, pressure classes 150 Lbs & 300 Lbs and 600 Lbs.


a brand new product on the European market: DP X-Cel Flow Orifice Measurement

DP X-Cel Orifice Flow Measurement

We do now bring a brand new product to the European market; DP X-Cel Flow Orifice Measurement.
Several solutions for flow-, pressure- and medium measurement have been installed, however several problems occured in early or later stage and may have consisted of constant maintenance to limit Fugitive Emissions, Extensive downtime during service and installation, Impulse lines being damaged, blocking or freezing, Vibration & Connection failure, Unequal impulse lines leading to errors and Inaccuracies and several corrosion issues with Stainless Steel tubing/fittings in NACE required environments.


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april 2015

Acquisition Action Industrial Group

APRIL 2015

Acquisition K&S Antriebssysteme GMBH & Co. KG

april 2015

Acquisition Seals and Packings, inc.

november 2014

Disposal of the trade and business assets of Revolvo LTD

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